Multi-Stakeholder Forum Bringing Together:

Government Agencies, Law Enforcement Authorities, Road Haulage And Rail Freight Carriers, from:

  • United Kingdom
  • Republic of Ireland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hungary
  • Poland
  • Italy
  • Greece
  • Turkey

Designated Expo To Feauture State-Of-The-Art Technologies:

  • Total Supply Chain Security Solutions
  • Perimeter And Fencing Security Systems
  • Container Security Technologies
  • Rail Wagon Security Systems
  • Movement Monitoring Technology
  • Telematics And GPS Technologies
  • Specialised Container Manufacturers
  • Specialised Rail Wagon Manufacturers
  • Security Consultants
  • EPC And Planning And Design Companies
  • Hijack Training Services
  • Legal Consultant For Claims Recovery
  • Insurance Companies

Click here to access exclusive Speaker Interview - General Manager, Ashford International Truckstop on Secure Parking

"Secure parking as such is not great across Britain.  Even though there are many parking areas there are only a handful of parks that could truly be classed as secure.  Availability in these parks across Britain is not too bad, until you get down to Kent.  Parks are full most nights due to volumes of traffic entering and exiting the country."

To download the full interview please click here.



Finding Methods Of Ensuring The Security Of All Transport Systems

'How do you mitigate challenges like this where you know you are taking a vehicle from Turkey to the UK, and it has potential to be broken into, to deviate from its route - Where is driver security? What happens when you are stuck in a traffic jam? We want to understand from other people who have de-risked the whole situation'

The Pan-European Freight Security And The Migrant Crisis Conference has been developed in light of conversations like these with Europe's road haulage and rail freight operators, as well as companies moving high-value goods across borders. The conference, supported with a state-of-the-art technology expo will deliver key solutions, including:

  • Government strategies for managing the crisis & securing ports & facilities
  • Road Haulage security regimes, measures to secure parking facilities & ensuring driver safety
  • Minimising and mitigating against channel tunnel disruptions
  • Discovering advances in security technologies for securing cargo
  • Understanding good-in-transit insurance strategies and steps for reducing the risk of getting fined

Live Streaming



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